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"This is a great course! Photographers of all levels can benefit from it."

3 Steps to Great Photographs

Plan the Shot

Good composition is the single most important difference between regular "snapshots" and amazing "photographs."

Take the Shot

Whether you have a DSLR, Point-N-Shoot or iPhone; camera settings make a big difference.  Learn to control your camera and call the shots. (Pun intended)

Improve the Shot

Pictures are rarely perfect straight out of the camera, but you can make them look that way! We'll show you how!

Make Every Photo a Keeper

Learn with us, and you'll be able to take spectacular pictures in ordinary scenes.  Without them, even pictures of spectacular scenes will never be more than ordinary.

Take Great Pictures of Anything

In the beginning, you learn general principles that make all of your photos better.  As you progress through the course, we help you fine-tune your skills to take your photos to another level.




... and More

Find Your Joy Again

Short, effective videos lessons are enjoyable and let you learn photography on your own terms.

Money Back Guarantee

Get the course, watch the lessons, and if you don’t like the course, just e-mail us within 30 days and we’ll give you  your money back. We are taking all the risk. You could watch every lesson, love it, and still ask for a refund.  We're trusting you won't do that to us.

Cory Professional Event Photographer

This course is amazing. I was most impressed by the coverage on image editing and enhancement; skills that everyone with a camera should learn.

James Photography Enthusiast

I've taken a few photography classes in the past, but this has been the most comprehensive. I especially enjoyed the lessons on depth and interest that described how the brain interprets what we see. And understanding the "why" behind camera features made a huge difference.

Lisa LandisOnline Retailer

I've learned how to see the world differently through my lens and take exceptional photographs. I tell every photographer I know about this course.

P.S. Don't let another great moment pass buy without being able to take high-quality pictures to remember them by.  Learning on your own can take years.  Let us help speed you to success.