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"This is a great course! Photographers of all levels can benefit from it."

Photography Isn't Rocket-Science

There are 3 core skills every photographer must learn to take great pictures.

Plan the Shot

The most important (and least taught) skill. Composition makes the difference between "snapshots" and "photographs."

Take the Shot

Your camera has a mind of its own. You can take control of it and start calling the shots (pun intended).

Fix the Shot

Pictures are rarely perfect coming out of the camera, but you can make them look that way! Pros do it. You can too!

Make Every Photo a Keeper

Our course teaches skills that are rarely taught but are critical to taking great pictures.

Take Photos That Stand Out from the Crowd

Learn the subtle cues that add depth, mood and interest to your photographs.




... and More

James Photography Enthusiast

I've taken a few photography classes in the past, but this has been the most comprehensive. I especially enjoyed the lessons on depth and interest that described how the brain interprets what we see. And understanding the "why" behind camera features made a huge difference.

Capture Magazine-Quality Color

Even professional cameras can produce dull color (below).  Learn how to give your pictures vibrant color.

"Faithful" Color (Canon 5D Mark III)

Improved Our Way

Take Timeless Black and White Images

Learn how your camera sees black and white, so you can make the right choices to get that classic look.

Cory Professional Event Photographer

This course is amazing. I was most impressed by the coverage on image editing and enhancement; skills that everyone with a camera should learn.

Learning Photography Doesn't Have to Be Painful

Our course teaches you how to take great pictures in a clear and straight forward way.

Lisa LandisWhiteDoveStyle.com

I've learned how to see the world differently through my lens and take exceptional photographs. I tell every photographer I know about this course.

Develop the Skills, Artistry and Confidence You Always Wanted

And We Take the Risk

Get the course, watch the lessons, and if you don’t like the course, just e-mail us within 30 days and we’ll give you all your money back. We are taking all the risk. You could watch every lesson, ask for a refund and rip us off; but we're trusting you won't do that to us.

P.S. Don't let another great moment pass buy without being able to take high-quality picture to remember it by.  Learning on your own can take years.  Let us help you speed you to success.