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  • OverView
  • The Basics
  • Composition
  • Depth
  • Intrigue
  • Correction
  • Enhancment
  • Photo Finish
  • Lighting
  • Black & White
  • Real-Estate
  • Motion

Enhancement - Image Correction (Optional)

This module is for serious photographers, so why is it Module 5 and not Module 11?  If you are serious about the quality of your pictures, you'll need to "correct" your images before you enhance them.  In order to reinforce this, we have put these lessons before the Enhancement modules.

In addition, we introduce you to Panoramic Stitching and High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography; along with the camera features designed to help you with these techniques.

Module 5 Lessons

Lesson 1: Introduction to Professional Enhancement

Lesson 2: Introduction to Digital File Formats

Lesson 3: The Neutral Setting on Your Camera

Lesson 4: Introduction to Image Correction

Lesson 5: Digital Noise

Lesson 6: ISO in a Digital World

Lesson 7: Corner Drop-Off or Vignetting

Lesson 8: Lens Distortion or Barrel Distortion

Lesson 9: Chromatic Aberration or Color Fringing

Lesson 10: The Keystone Effect

Lesson 11: Basic Color Theory

Lesson 12: What is Color Shift?

Lesson 13: White Balance in Your Camera

Lesson 14: Complete Image Correction

Lesson 15: Introduction to Panoramic Stitching

Lesson 16: The Exposure Lock Setting in Your Camera

Lesson 17: High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

Lesson 18: Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) in Your Camera

Lesson 19: Multi-Shot Features in Your Camera

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You'll learn to take great photos through modern teaching techniques that make learning fast and effortless.

Individual Courses

Basic Photography

Learn the key factors that affect all pictures and how to make your pictures appealing.
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Advanced Photography

Learn to create a sense of depth and make your pictures interesting.
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Advanced Enhancement

Learn how to draw attention to specific features in your photos.
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Black and White

Create timeless black and white photos with modern digital processing.
Learn more ...

Real-Estate Photography

Learning how to take interior and exterior images that sell.
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The Modern Photography Course

Your Guide to Taking Great Pictures

A $329 Value for Only $97 USD


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